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At Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital, it is our job to take care of pets in the Vernon area. We do this by encouraging all of our pet owners to receive preventative care from our animal hospital. When pets come to see us for their regular checkups, we are going to stress the importance of vaccines. We know that there has been some discussion regarding shots throughout the news media; however, please trust us when we say that pet shots from a veterinarian are critical. There are a few reasons why these vaccinations are so important.


Vaccines are Safe

First, vaccines are important because they are safe. We know that many people have questions and concerns about vaccines. Please know that the only adverse reaction that a pet might suffer from a shot is an allergic reaction. That is why we watch all of our pets for several minutes are receiving a shot to make sure an allergic reaction does not develop. If a pet has a bad reaction to pet shots, we will be right there to treat it.

Furthermore, allergic reactions are one of the main reasons why pets need to receive their shots. Some pets who might be allergic to one of the ingredients in the vaccines cannot receive their shots. They depend on every other animal to have their shots so that they can also remain safe.

Vaccines Work

Furthermore, vaccines are effective. Research has shown that they work. Human vaccines have completely eradicated smallpox from the planet (aside from in research labs), showing the power of these medical miracles. Vaccines are designed to protect pets against dangerous and deadly diseases without having to expose the animal to the actual illness. Some of the diseases against which vaccines will protect include distemper, flu, kennel cough, rabies, and more. These are all illnesses that could place pets in the hospital. Furthermore, many of these illnesses can pass from pets to people. 

Vaccines work. They will train the immune system to recognize and attack these illnesses before they can cause serious harm. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every pet owner to make sure their pets receive shots.

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At Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital, we believe that every pet in the Vernon area should receive high-quality care from a trained veterinarian. We know that our families look at pets as members of their families. We are here to provide care with the same love and compassion. If you would like to learn more about how our animal hospital can help you, please call us today. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend.

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