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During your pet’s lifetime, he or she may require a number of different veterinary services. From routine vaccinations to complex surgery, our Vernon veterinarians are your partners in providing healthcare for your animal companion. At Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital in Vernon, BC, we offer many services to help pets maintain good health and function throughout their life.

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We can provide a full head-to-tail physical exam to ensure your pet maintains good health at every age. Any small problems can be detected early and addressed before they become larger issues.


One of the simplest ways to guard your pet’s health and as a way of preventing disease, is to keep them current on their vaccinations. During the yearly health exam, we can review your pet's health risks, and tailor the vaccinations to their risks. If you have any concerns regarding diseases or outbreaks that may require additional immunizations please contact us.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is an important part in keeping pets healthy. A yearly health exam gives us an opportunity to discuss health risks, including internal parasites, tick and flea control, and prevention of heartworm disease. Having these discussions allows us to make recommendations specific to your pet and their risks, and is another way of minimizing future health problems.

Dental Care

We perform dental exams as a way to fully assess your pet's oral health. Based on our findings we will make recommendations which may include dental surgery. This procedure includes scaling and polishing, dental radiographs and any necessary tooth extractions, all of which will improve your pets long term health.

Laboratory and Diagnostics

Our animal hospital is able to provide many in house tests, including bloodwork and urinalysis. These tests help detect infection and assess function of the internal organs. These tests can be used to find diseases in their early stages, so treatment can be implemented immediately, and are also used to monitor disease progression.


We can perform a variety of surgical procedures including spays and neuters as well as wound repairs, lump removals, soft tissue surgeries, abdominal surgeries and orthopedic surgeries. We are also happy to work with Dr. Bhandal, a small animal surgical specialist, who regularly consults on cases and performs surgery at our hospital.

Laser Therapy

Low levels of laser energy have been found to help heal tissues and relieve pain. The process is painless for pets and does not require the use of drugs or surgery. This technology can be used for a variety of conditions including arthritis, sprains and strains, back injuries and wound healing.

Urgent Care

We can also help when your pet has an emergency health problem. An emergency would involve excessive bleeding, breathing problems, heatstroke, seizures, possible poisoning, visibly fractured bones, unconsciousness, or inability to urinate or defecate. These problems require immediate attention and our veterinarians will try and see your pet as quickly as possible.

Other Veterinary Services

Make Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarians in Vernon

Dr. Schimpl and Dr. Ringness are highly trained veterinary professionals with years of experience providing care for patients in Vernon, BC and the surrounding communities. Call Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital today at 250-545-8200 for an appointment to learn about our many services to help keep your pet happy and healthy. We treat your pets like valued family members.

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  • "Finding a superb vet was a priority for our 13 year old Collie, Braidie. We were extremely fortunate to discover Dr. Ringness who is deeply caring and supportive of her patients and their humans. She explains treatment options clearly and works with us. The best testimony is that Braidie, a “frequent flyer” at Crescent Falls Vet Hospital, used to be afraid at other clinics, but now she waltzes confidently through the door to be greeted by the friendly, relaxed, efficient Staff."
    Braidie, Chris & Ann H. Vernon, BC

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