Pet Wellness Exam

Just like people, your pet also needs to undergo regular pet wellness exams to ensure they are healthy and stay that way.


What is a Pet Wellness Exam?

Much like wellness exams for adults, children, and babies, a wellness examination for pets is a complete physical by your trusted veterinarian that includes diagnostic testing, such as blood work, urine screening, and a stool sample test to ensure your pet does not have any parasites. This exam could lead to the detection of the early stages of a disease that can be cured or managed when caught soon enough. Your vet will also make sure your pet is completely current on their vaccinations during this type of exam.

The type of pet wellness exam your animal undergoes at your local animal hospital will depend on the type of species they are, their age, and their current health needs. A checklist will be used so your veterinarian can find out if you have noticed anything unusual in your pet, such as weight loss or loss of appetite.

Tests Performed by Our Veterinarian Team

Our vet care will include a physical examination. Your Vernon veterinarian will examine your pet from nose to tail and look for any abnormalities, such as suspicious lumps or bumps. He or she will also check your pet’s vital signs, including temperature, pulse, and respiration and record your pet’s current weight.

Our vet care specialist will test samples of your pet’s blood, urine, and stool during their wellness examination. Your veterinarian will be looking for issues such as anemia, disease of the organs, or infection in your special pet’s body.

Our veterinarian will also perform a parasite test on the stool sample taken from your pet. Some parasites can be detected through the blood sample that was taken also. When it comes to the urinalysis testing, your veterinarian will be able to determine if your pet has any health problems, such as diabetes or a urinary tract infection.

Your Vernon veterinarian may suggest additional testing procedures depending on the age of your pet, your pet’s current medical condition, and their medical history.

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If you are in need of a thorough, annual wellness examination for your pet, the Vernon veterinarian professionals and staff at Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital are ready to serve you and your pet. At a minimum, a yearly wellness exam is the best defense against illness and disease for your beloved pet and the professional team at the Crescent Falls Veterinary Hospital has the experience and knowledge to ensure your pet has a chance at a long, happy, and healthy life with you and your family. Call us at (250) 545-8200 today. 

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  • "Finding a superb vet was a priority for our 13 year old Collie, Braidie. We were extremely fortunate to discover Dr. Ringness who is deeply caring and supportive of her patients and their humans. She explains treatment options clearly and works with us. The best testimony is that Braidie, a “frequent flyer” at Crescent Falls Vet Hospital, used to be afraid at other clinics, but now she waltzes confidently through the door to be greeted by the friendly, relaxed, efficient Staff."
    Braidie, Chris & Ann H. Vernon, BC

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