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  • PJ

    PJ was brought into us as a stray when she was a very young kitten. Upon physical exam it was discovered that she had a massive infection in her lower jaw. It was quickly determined that not only did she need to have all of her teeth removed, but a portion of her lower jaw as well. She may have no teeth, but she still prefers to eat hard kibbles!! PJ is rather shy, so you may not see her very often as she prefers to hang out in the back of the clinic.

  • Finny

    Finnigan arrived at the clinic when he was only 6 weeks old with his 6 brothers and sisters. And they were all black!! His litter was fostered through the Vernon and District Animal Care Society until they were old enough to be adopted out. Finny was then adopted out and returned THREE separate times through no fault of his own!! So we kept him as a clinic cat because he was so comfortable here with us by that point. Since then Finny has (of course) developed some health issues that we will need to continue to monitor for the rest of his life. 

  • Dude

    Dude came to us as an unneutered mature male and was what we call a Cryptorchid, which means only 1 of his testicles descended down into his scrotal sac. Because this was a much more involved surgery, Dude spent a few weeks recovering here at the clinic. Dude has also always been an incredibly shy and reserved cat, so it took him a few weeks to settle into clinic life. But once he did we just couldn't give him up for adoption...he was finally in a place where he felt comfortable with people that love him more than anything!! 

  • Gertrude

    Gerdie showed up at the clinic when she was 6 weeks old with her twin brother. When we went to go do her first physical exam it was discovered that she had a grade 6/6 heart murmur at only 6 weeks old!! We then had an ultrasound performed on her and her official diagnoses is Aortic Stenosis. This means that Gerdie has a narrowing of her aortic opening, and therefore her heart has to work harder. She was only given a year to live, and has already surpassed that!! This little cutie has no idea that anything is wrong with her, she lives life to the fullest and every day that we get with her is blessing.

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  • "Finding a superb vet was a priority for our 13 year old Collie, Braidie. We were extremely fortunate to discover Dr. Ringness who is deeply caring and supportive of her patients and their humans. She explains treatment options clearly and works with us. The best testimony is that Braidie, a “frequent flyer” at Crescent Falls Vet Hospital, used to be afraid at other clinics, but now she waltzes confidently through the door to be greeted by the friendly, relaxed, efficient Staff."
    Braidie, Chris & Ann H. Vernon, BC

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